Rich Helppie serves as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Santa Rosa Holdings, bringing decades of experience in business services, IT and healthcare. An entrepreneur who has developed consulting, services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. As Chairman of Sandlot Solutions he adds his industry expertise to this rapidly growing interoperability, clinical collaboration, PHM and data analytics company.

Rich is widely credited with revolutionizing the healthcare information technology consulting industry. Prior to Helppie founding Superior Consultant in 1984, the consulting industry was modeled after the audit business. Helppie introduced the business model of “advise and do". Innovations include bonus structures, legal infrastructure, “co-opetition” with other industry participants, and customer service methods. He began practicing the concept of a mobile work force, national deployment, and little office overhead as he built the company “from the computers up.” While in leadership at Superior, the company grew from a one-person operation to industry leadership with over 1,400 employees. He led the first public financing of a pure play healthcare consulting business with Superior’s IPO and gained recognition as a NASDAQ top performer. Following IT market changes, he successfully re-positioned the company with Outsourcing as its lead offering and regained Superior's NASDAQ top-performing distinction. Ultimately, the firm was sold to a Fortune 500 company.

Rich is founder and Managing Partner of Vineyard Capital Group, a firm that specializes in investing and providing advisory services to growth companies.

Rich has served with distinction on publicly traded, private and not-for-profit boards. Rich and his wife founded the Helppie Family Charitable Foundation.

Rich Helppie, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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